An operating platform
for your business

Systum replaces all the software you use today to engage and support your customers with a single platform that streamlines and gives you real-time visibility into your business. Modules include marketing and sales, e-commerce, inventory and order management and business intelligence and analytics. Systum integrates all these into a single platform for running and growing your business.

Marketing efficiency

You’re buying Google AdWords, trying to keep up with SEO, pushing out emails and promo codes, but you’re not sure what it all adds up to. Marketing doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Systum not only helps you to plan and carry out marketing campaigns, it enables you to track their success, from lead to invoice. With CRM integration built-in, you can also better target your customers, making them happier and loyal to your brand.

Run your business,
not your software

Systum typically replaces a half dozen separate pieces of software, which, in most businesses, can only talk to each other by exporting their data into a common Excel pivot table. As if this didn’t eat up enough precious time, most online distribution requires interacting with multiple web channels, each with their own plug-ins and interfaces. Systum is a single platform that vastly simplifies these day-to-day operations and gives you time to do what you love, running your business.

at a glance

Systum’s role-based dashboards tailor the information so that different players in your organization have the information they need
to augment their decisions. Because your entire team has access to the same data and analysis, they collaborate better, pulling toward common objectives as one. Conversations are more informed. The right decisions get made more quickly.

Control your channels

Too many online channels have fee structures that are eating into your margins. Some of them even control the data on you customers. Often its hard to know where you’re actually making money. Systum to the rescue! Manage and update all your channels from one place. See exactly where the money is going. Win back control of your customers by directing them to your web store.

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