Wholesale Distribution Software

B2B Wholesale Distribution Software

If your company is in the B2B market then you need wholesale distribution software that makes it easier for you and your customers to complete transactions.  Systum’s powerful ecommerce platform streamlines all of your business processes in one centralized location to help you grow your wholesale and distribution business to the next level.

Real Time Data

The ability to have the most accurate data about your inventory is mission critical when serving B2B customers.  They are counting on you to come through for them in a timely manner so they in turn can delight their customers by having your products in stock.  Systum’s wholesale distribution software syncs all your inventory across all your online sales channels along with your warehouse inventories.

Inventory Alerts and Automated POs

Trending items move quickly and B2B and B2C business need to be agile to take advantage of demand in the marketplace.  Leverage powerful reporting from historical sales data to generate forecasts to set low inventory alerts that also automatically generate purchase orders and keep products flowing in a timely manner.  Systum’s wholesale distribution software allows your team to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Advanced Grid Order Management

Some of your largest customers are also your most important customers.  Systum’s grid order management feature makes it quick and easy for them to select all the derivations they need of multiple products from one screen.  This feature of our wholesale distribution software gives you the same capabilities as the largest online businesses in the world. 

24/7 Customer Access

Owners of small and medium companies in the B2B and B2C space do not work bankers hours.  They live and breathe their business day-in and day-out.  Systum’s wholesale distribution software gives your customers complete access to view, manage and place orders on their account even when you and your team are home in bed. 

Complete Shipping Capabilities

Managing the shipment of goods, generating shipping labels and tracking numbers, and controlling shipping costs are vital variables for every ecommerce operation.  Systum’s wholesale distribution software is fully integrated with USPS, FedEX, and UPS to allow you and your customers to have real-time tracking capabilities 24/7.

Customized Customer Logins and Pricing

One size fits all does not work when it comes to customer pricing.  You need a wholesale distribution software for small business that allows you to provide them with a unique experience including customized pricing levels and other information about their account activities including accounts receivable and credit information.

Enterprise-class CRM Functionality

A complete suite of CRM capabilities is the backbone of Systum’s wholesale distribution software. A tailored CRM for wholesale distributors allows every member of your team to have access to all of a customer’s activities across every department of your organization.  Your sales team can leverage analytics and order histories to deliver quotes and proposals that are aligned with your customers needs.