Best Hosted Ecommerce Solution

When Looking for the Best Hosted Ecommerce Solution, Consider Systum!

Systum is the best hosted ecommerce solution for your small to medium sized business. While other ecommerce platforms are virtual storefronts, Systum is so much more. Systum offers data integrations on par with software available only to enterprise-grade corporations. 

Systum is built to be your partner in retail and your partner in success. 

The best hosted ecommerce solution will meet your unique small to medium sized business needs with the power to allow you to offer high quality customer service on the front end and manage backend operations like marketing, inventory, and more. Choosing the best hosted ecommerce solution available is the first step toward success in business and success in creating a dynamic virtual storefront that converts. 

Choose Systum, the best hosted ecommerce solution available on the market today.

Systum is an elegant all-in-one solution for the chaos of trying to build a solution out of disparate software solutions. Systum is a single platform built for small businesses that encapsulates all your existing software, reduces costs, and delivers data in real time and packaged in a way that you can actually understand and use it. What Systum offers is a full circle view of your business and your customers. 

Incorporating every aspect of your business from customer service, inventory, order management, to marketing and lead generation, invoicing and billing will reduce time investment and increase return on your investment. With Systum, all the information that you need is at your fingertips, up to date, and available to you. 

The key to business innovation is data integration. Get rid of data silos or tedious data converting processes to see all of your data in real time through useful lens. Systum combines your data in different ways to form different pictures of your business. Your customers. Your inventory. Your marketing goals. Systum offers a 360-degree view of your business so whatever you need to know, it’s right there. 

For example, with Systum you will have a record of every interaction with a customer. Every time your brand touches a customer, it makes an impression from that first moment of discovery to return purchases. All of these moments are recorded and catalogued so you can view the entire lifecycle of a customer. This type of information is what forms the basis of a strong foundation to create a relationship between you and your customer. 

In fact, one of the true advantages that small businesses have over global corporations is that personal touch. While multi-national corporations can only offer the illusion of real relationships with its customers, you can offer the real deal. Interacting with your customers on a one-to-one level will create layers of trust. 

Systum makes this possible. There’s no longer any need to reinvent the wheel and try to piece together a solution through five or ten different kinds of software. 

Our mission is to bring you the best hosted ecommerce solution to support your business. Our suite of ecommerce features includes:

  • Distribution and ecommerce platform. First and foremost, Systum is the best hosted ecommerce solution on the market. It is easy to create and post product listings, offer accurate inventory tallies, migrate data, and keep your online shop updated and easy to use. 
  • Marketing and sales. Systum makes it easy to integrate AdSense, optimize SEO/SEM, track ROI, and more. Whatever your marketing goals are, Systum will give you the perspective to effectively reach them.
  • Inventory and order management. Systum simplifies reordering, inventory forecasts, and streamlines your supply line to ensure that you have the products you need to keep your customers happy. Track revenue, costs, and profitability from the same dashboard that makes it easy to automate reordering. 
  • Invoicing and billing. All in one place, you can create invoices, bills, and quotes easier than ever before.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Your data is your most valuable asset. Get it delivered to you in actionable, usable ways through Systum. Your data is kept current and updated in real time so you can make decisions with the peace of mind that you’re doing what’s best for your business. 
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Systum is your partner in offering outstanding customer service. Track every interaction with your customers, view their entire lifecycle, and develop innovation ways to meet your customers on a personal level. 

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