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Why Buy an Ecommerce Solution When You Can Use an Subscription Ecommerce Platform Like Systum

Systum is a subscription ecommerce platform built to be scalable and grow with your business. Systum’s simple, scalable subscription pricing is built to fit your business and your budget. You can pay as you grow which means that Systum can be your partner in success.

Systum’s leading subscription ecommerce platform is built to be an all-in-one solution for small business needs. It offers a smooth user experience, increased customer satisfaction, and helps drive sales. Systum integrates all aspects of your small business by tying the front end to the back end. From marketing to inventory to sales, Systum has you and your business covered. 

Replace all of your existing software solutions with Systum. You can avoid the hassle of purchasing, maintaining, and updating multiple software solutions by letting Systum do the heavy lifting. Not only will you reduce your time investment, but you will also slash costs. 

With all of your data in one place, you finally have the 360-degree view of your business you need to run real business intelligence and data analytics. With Systum’s subscription ecommerce platform, your data is updated in real time for every aspect of your business: inventory and order management, marketing, sales, lead generation, wholesale distribution, invoicing and billing, customer service, and more. Every member of your staff is on the same page, working from the same information. 

With every aspect of your business supported in a platform that offers real time data means you’re eliminating data silos. You no longer need to download and format data for another software programs, transfer data, or spend time manipulating it. Systumorganizes your data into specific dashboards based on use. You see what you need to see when you want it. No guessing games. No ‘what ifs’. The power to make confident decisions about your business is put squarely in your hands. 

We call this the 360-degree view. Individual software applications can only show you a limited facet of your businesss. Invoicing software cannot distill the data to show you information about lead generation or customer satisfaction, but Systum can. With data from all areas of your business collected in one space, it can pull information together into unique patterns to show you the whole picture.

Systum makes it easy to see the lifecycle of a customer. From that first impression and point of contact to repeat business, you can see how your brand touches and transforms a customer on her purchasing journey. This is the kind of information that will give you the opportunity to create real relationships and to build trust. You can address issues, improve your products or services, and delight your customers at every turn. 

In today’s world, authenticity is key. Systum makes this a reality as you can present your brand in the light that speaks to your customers and keeps them coming back

We developed Systum into the subscription ecommerce platform that it is because we believe that small to medium businesses should have the same access to business intelligence capabilities that global corporations do. That’s why we’ve built your multi channel ecommerce platform in the cloud. It’s with you everywhere you go as long as you have an Internet connection. Our subscription model also makes this an all-in-one solution available to businesses of all sizes. It’s low investment, low risk. 

Our subscription ecommerce platform, Systum, includes the following suite of features:

  • Distribution and ecommerce platform. Systum is built to represent your brand during its first contact with new customers. From stunning product pages, updated inventory, migrating data, and more, Systum helps you put the best foot forward.
  • Marketing and sales. Track revenue, costs, and profitability at the same time you optimize for SEO/SEM, analyze your Google AdSense, and keep an eye on your ROIs. 
  • Inventory and order management. From automated reordering to inventory forecasts, Systum has you covered. It’s easy to keep your supply line stocked, customers pleased, and your online storefronts up to date. 
  • Invoicing and billing. All of your financial information is safe and secure in one place which makes creating invoices, bills, and quotes easier than ever before.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Systum shines when it comes to delivering your data to your in useful packages. When you know how your business is performing, you can make solid decisions about where to go in the future.
  • Customer service and CRM. Customers are the most important aspect of any business. With Systum, you can easily keep in touch with your customers, track their experience, resolve disputes, and build lasting relationships. 

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