Subscription Based Ecommerce Software for B2B and B2C Companies

Systum is the Best Choice for Subscription Based Ecommerce Software for B2B and B2C Companies

Here at Systum we are passionate about delivering subscription based ecommerce software for small and medium businesses.  Large enterprises have the luxury of spending millions of dollars on the latest technology while SMBs need to make every dollar count.  The good news is every business can now enjoy the same integration, business intelligence and analytics that the titans of industry leverage all in one powerful, agile and affordable platform.

CEO Dashboard

When you run a small or medium business the buck stops with you.  Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software allows business leadership to have a complete 360-degree view of the entire operation in one simple, customizable dashboard that is updated in real-time.  Take in the 50,000-foot view or drill down to a granular level and look at individual transactions and entries.  Everything you need to know when you need to know it.

Marketing and Lead Generation

We mentioned that every dollar in a SMB’s budget is immensely important to the business.  This rings especially true when it comes to the money and efforts spent on marketing your business and generating new leads.  Powerful analytics allow you to see real-time results for all your campaigns for all your channels.  Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software can also display all your sales funnel activities providing you with actionable data to remain agile and adjust your campaigns to maximize ROI for all your marketing efforts.

Ecommerce and Wholesale Distribution

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software has you covered when it comes to directing your products and efforts to the most profitable sales channels.  Because all your business activities are in one, connected platform that is updated in real-time, your business can capitalize on the fast-moving trends in the 24/7 world of ecommerce.  Never miss out on an opportunity to meet the demand in the marketplace. 

Sales Management

For many organizations, sales management tools are a separate software application that may only have limited capabilities to be integrated with the rest of your operation.  This is not the case with Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software.  Sales teams will have real-time access to all aspects of the sales process including pipelines, quotes and orders completed.  Empower your sales team to more efficiently allocate their time to the tasks and customers that generate results.

Inventory and Order Management

Small and Medium business cannot afford to have valuable capital tied up in inventory that is not turning over quickly enough.  Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software puts the power of real-time inventory analytics in the hands of every business owner.  If you have multiple warehouses, sell products on a myriad of channels, or leverage drop-shipping from vendors, Systum is sophisticated enough to keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Quoting and Billing

From purchase orders to invoices and quotes, Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software gives you a complete view of all transactions across the entire organization.  Because all the functionality is powered by one simplified platform, there is no need to import or export documents or jump back and forth between applications. Systum makes it simple and can allow your support staff to work more efficiently and get more done every day.

Customer Service and CRM

When a customer has a problem it is an opportunity for your team to show just how good they are and how much your company values the customer.  With our subscription based ecommerce software you will get enterprise-level CRM capabilities that allow your employees to have access to every piece of data about your customer and their relationship with your company so they can best serve them. 

Making the move to Systum’s subscription based ecommerce software is quick and easy.  Contact us for a demo and let us show you how the Systum platform will simplify your operations while providing your team with some new superpowers to better serve and delight your customers.