Grow your Wholesale and Distribution business with Systum’s advanced features. Streamline your internal processes from sales and order management to inventory and shipping.

Advanced Inventory and Order Management

  • Sync inventory in real time across every sales channel, whether online or in your warehouse
  • Use alerts to get notified when inventory is low and automate purchase orders to always be in stock
  • Make B2B buying easy with grid order management, enabling large buys to occur from one screen
  • Advanced B2B Portal
  • Superior shipping and real-time tracking capabilities for you and your customers

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Better Serve Big Customers

  • Real-time visibility of inventory for sales, customers and large distributors
  • Cater to big customers by providing a private log in that results in custom price levels and insight into available credit
  • 24/7 access to products, pricing, and shipping

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Manage Sales Teams with Ease

  • View sales and pipeline in real time, making forecasting a breeze
  • Bring order history, quotes and billing together on the customer record to give sales every data point they need
  • Use analytics to find trends and empower your sales team with promotions and products creating new sales opportunities

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