Intelligent upsell

Systum’s built-in integration with sales and inventory, gives you real-time access to the targeting data you need to create upsell campaigns with promo codes, ads and email blasts. Not only market to your customers, delight them with on-time, relevant offers.

your SEO/SEM

Direct your marketing spend to those activities that Systum shows are performing best for you. Understand which campaigns generate the most leads or the most revenue.





Email marketing that’s
right on target

Customize your marketing campaigns by targeting segments of your customer base rather than mass marketing to your entire database. Narrow down your lists based on profile characteristics and tailor efforts towards your customer's purchasing preferences. 





Get Google working
for you

Based on Systum’s best practices, the analysis of your content helps it to rank high in organic search results — the results most customers look to first. The success of any adwords campaign is optimization and testing. Our experts weigh spending caps, seasonality, geography and a multitude of other variants to deliver maximum ROI.

Get to know your

Systum’s social media ROI dashboard and tools go beyond brand awareness. Generate qualified marketing leads and turn your social media posts into profits!