Avoid stock-outs and low inventory turns by using Systum’s built-in business intelligence. Keep customers happy by delivering on-time with the help of our inventory management system. Use automations and workflows to trigger purchase orders when stock reaches minimum levels. Improve operations and do more with less, all from the Systum dashboard.

Get Real-Time Inventory Updates

  • View real-time inventory availability in each warehouse
  • As inventory is depleted, Systum automatically updates stock levels in every channel of business
  • Control and prioritize stock levels to support your most profitable channels or customers

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Improve the Customer Experience

  • Avoid stock-outs through Systum’s real-time inventory updates
  • Easily drop ship as a backup when stock is low or on order
  • Reduce human error through pre-printed pick and ship and packing lists

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Improve Operations with Real-time Reporting

  • Improve inventory turns and margins through insightful reporting
  • Making purchasing decisions quickly by viewing current and past data
  • Reduce costs by analyzing channels of business and product lines

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