While Systum provides the front-end tools, like a website CMS and payment gateways to make eCommerce possible, we also simplify your order and fulfillment practices for who matters most - your customers. Instead of building manual inventory and order management workflows that break down regularly, automate processes that result in a better customer experience from the moment they land on your website to when an order is delivered

Automate Order Fulfillment

  • Use rules and automations to drop ship from the best supplier given your current pricing and the customer’s location
  • Automatically generate pick and ship instructions, including bin numbers and location, and shipping labels
  • Keep your customer in the know by automatically giving them access to order and shipment status in real time

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Manage Inventory the Way You Want

  • Set up low inventory alerts and automatically issue purchase orders with inventory management software
  • Use analytics and forecasted pipeline to place orders ahead of a seasonal rush to ensure enough stock
  • Control and prioritize stock levels to support your most profitable selling channels

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Streamline Supplier Stock Management

  • Utilize EDI feeds to pull in real-time supplier inventory that displays as your available stock on your website
  • Reduce your on-hand stock by relying on reliable suppliers that drop ship without error
  • List the same item on multiple channels while Systum tracks your live inventory from your warehouse and supplier stock for you

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