Systum’s Integrated CRM Solution Provides a 360-degree View of Customers


Know your customers every move by unifying data within Systum’s CRM. View customer orders, activity and preferences in one location instead of multiple. From lead to invoice, Systum’s CRM helps you capture it all, allowing you to better serve every customer.

Analytics &Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • Use reporting to sell more to customers based on buyer behavior
  • Manage all customers and suppliers in one location


Centralized Data

  • View order history, invoices and account information and preferences in one location
  • Use the mobile app to write orders, access inventory levels and order history

POS Application 2

Sales Forecasting

  • Use sales forecasting to make better buying decisions
  • Use pipeline data to motivate sales teams
  • Set reminders to contact prospects and customers

Marketing Efficiency


  • Use abandoned cart history to market to active customers
  • Generate and manage custom promotions

Remove data silos and empower your customer service teams.

"The reports and the data we can use to generate reports have been tremendous. When a product is no longer selling, we can access what products those are and run promotions on those."

Joleen Lawson

Lomar Bowling Supply

"Having our front end eCommerce site, B2B business management, inventory, shipping and CRM in the same platform was crucial to our decision making and ultimately the reason we chose Systum."

Mike Dettmers

Stacyc Stability Cycle

"We used to log into three or four systems to get one order done. Systum helps us manage our website, inventory and invoicing. It really takes the human error out of the day-to-day tasks."

Samantha Irwin

Heavenly Hounds

See How Systum Helps You Put the Customer First

Systum powers your entire wholesale distribution business by providing you with the insights needed to sell more to happy customers. If you’d like to learn how Systum consolidates customer, order and inventory management software into one application, we’ll be happy to customize a demo based on your business and needs.

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