Focus on the Financial Health of Your Business


The Systum platform supports the entire financial health of your wholesale distribution business through real-time data and reporting and integrations that support sales tax tracking and payment processing. Use financial dashboards to get up-to-the-minute data and improve profitability.


  • Sync invoices, costs and payments via Systum integrations
  • Reduce human errors and the need for dual entry of data

Real-time Data

  • View the health of your business via financial dashboards
  • Use forecasting reports to help you maintain the right amount of stock

Marketing Campaigns

  • View campaign activity and results in real time
  • Offer promotional codes and discounts and track results

Inventory Tracking

  • Use real-time inventory tracking to improve warehouse profitability
  • Move inventory to your most profitable channels of business

Seamlessly sync your Systum data with QuickBooks


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Brian Specht

Co-owner of ToyHouse

"As a wholesale distributor for LEGO®, we have thousands of customers making thousands of transactions, and ensuring their experience is positive is a huge priority. Systum has been able to provide us with that ability flawlessly."

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