Optimize Growth with Business Intelligence and Inventory Analytics


From inventory to sales reports and more, the Systum platform provides you with the key business analytics needed to increase sales and improve operations. Customize data fields to generate the KPI reports that matter to your business.

Persona1-Knowing Your Customer

360 View of the Customer

  • Centralized data gives every team the information needed to put the customer first
  • Execute an omnichannel sales strategy from a single database

Analytics &Business Intelligence

Intelligent Reporting

  • Sales forecasting and inventory reports
  • Use data segmentation to drive marketing campaigns
  • Customize fields to generate the reports that matter to your business


Role-based Dashboards

  • Easily switch from one role-based dashboard to another with the click of a button
  • CEO dashboard provides key business insights to guide decision making

B2B eCommerce

Single Database

  • Centralized data for reporting
  • All relevant data synced to customer record in CRM
  • Break down data silos by centralizing every customer touchpoint in one database

The Only Platform You Need to Succeed and Win Repeat Customers as a Wholesale Distributor

Multi-channel sales

B2B Portal

Sales & Order

Shipping & Fulfillment



Improve Operations and Profitability with Customized Reporting


Use data to drive decisions that impact inventory, warehouse operations and the customer experience. Monitor channel performance and profitability by analyzing product performance and margins.


Monitor Channel Performance

  • Get the business insights needed to move inventory to your most profitable channels
  • Analyze product performance and margins  

Inventory Management

Warehouse Management

  • Get the warehouse inventory reports you need to optimize operations
  • Get real-time reports on inventory per location or across all channels of business


Real-time Inventory

  • Set up your own interval polling times to pull in real-time inventory levels onto your website or portal
  • View stock levels across every channel of business from a single dashboard


Customized Reports

  • Generate reports by creating custom fields that track factors unique to your business
  • Adjust filters and views to customize reports
  • Generate low inventory or inventory by sales channel reports

"The reports and the data we can use to generate reports have been tremendous. When a product is no longer selling, we can access what products those are and run promotions on those."

Joleen Lawson

Lomar Bowling Supply

"Having our front end eCommerce site, B2B business management, inventory, shipping and CRM in the same platform was crucial to our decision making and ultimately the reason we chose Systum."

Mike Dettmers

Stacyc Stability Cycle

"We used to log into three or four systems to get one order done. Systum helps us manage our website, inventory and invoicing. It really takes the human error out of the day-to-day tasks."

Samantha Irwin

Heavenly Hounds

Brian Specht

Co-owner of ToyHouse

"As a wholesale distributor for LEGO®, we have thousands of customers making thousands of transactions, and ensuring their experience is positive is a huge priority. Systum has been able to provide us with that ability flawlessly."

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See How Systum Helps You Put the Customer First

Systum powers your entire wholesale distribution business by providing you with the insights needed to sell more to happy customers. If you’d like to learn how Systum consolidates customer, order and inventory management software into one application, we’ll be happy to customize a demo based on your business and needs.

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