B2B eCommerce Software


Empower your customers to serve their own needs through your branded, B2B eCommerce portal. Accelerate your B2B wholesale distribution business by making sales possible 24/7 through multiple channels of sale. Delight customers and increase sales by empowering them to shop and order the way they want.

Persona 1 -Everything you need

Easy-to-Use Portal

  • Mobile App for anywhere access
  • 24/7 self service
  • Real-time inventory


Personalized Shopping Experience

  • Consumer experience for wholesalers
  • Customer-specific pricing, promotions and products
  • Multiple customer roles

Integrated Order Management

Easy Order Management

  • Unlimited order volume
  • Manage multiple suppliers
  • Integrated purchase order process
  • High-volume buying of multiple variants

Purchase Order

Manage Product Listings

  • Manage products in real-time, keep updated
  • Simple or complex listings
  • High resolution images

The Only Platform You Need to Succeed and Win Repeat Customers as a Wholesale Distributor

Multi-channel sales

B2B Portal

Sales & Order

Shipping & Fulfillment



Multichannel Selling Made Simple


Easily add products to multiple marketplaces with just a few clicks. Use real-time inventory insights to avoid stockouts, improve margins and delight customers. Use promo codes, abandon cart marketing and segmentation to launch campaigns that help you sell more to happier customers.


Sell More

  • Sell on multiple marketplaces
  • Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and more
  • Reach more customers
  • Simple payment processing


Wholesaler EDI

  • Seamless EDI integration
  • Best-in-class integration partners
  • Manage orders to big box retailers
  • Speed of communication and sales


Real-time Inventory Insights

  • Manage inventory across multiple channels
  • Low-stock alerts help to avoid stock outs
  • Move inventory faster
  • Improve inventory turn ratio

Marketing Efficiency

Marketing and Segmentation

  • Personalized experience
  • Abandoned cart marketing
  • Segment data for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Promo codes

Brian Specht

Co-owner of ToyHouse

"As a wholesale distributor for LEGO®, we have thousands of customers making thousands of transactions, and ensuring their experience is positive is a huge priority. Systum has been able to provide us with that ability flawlessly."

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