Seeing is believing

Visualize your challenges, goals, and priorities. Set up dashboard alerts to notify you when KPI targets and thresholds are achieved or breached. Drill down from your dashboards and access further analysis and data on any aspect of your business.

Mobility means agility

In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t afford to be chained to your desk. Systum’s cloud-based solution gives you real-time access from your phone or tablet to the latest business reports, analytics, marketing, inventory and sales data. You can also perform daily operational tasks when you need, wherever you are.









Join the silos

All of your team can transact around one data source. When everyone in your company shares a single version of the truth, departments and managers spend less time arguing about the consistency of data and more time working together to grow revenues.

Marketing made real

Which marketing channels are driving visitors to your website, how engaged are they, and how many convert into leads or sales? Systum’s dashboards automatically bring together and assign your traffic by channel, correlating campaigns to conversions — making visible a complete story of your marketing performance.





Sales by numbers

Quotas and actuals, levels of attainment and remaining forecast. All available at a glance from your smartphone. Sales teams get instant access to key measures such as sales pipeline, quotes and orders fulfilled. Powerful CRM tools keep them out in front of their customers, no surprises.

Warehouse and
inventory control

Systum helps your on-floor personnel see the forest for the trees. No matter how much is happening on the ground, Systum helps them track, maintain, restock and view inventory levels from anywhere at any time, across multiple warehouses. Analytics give them total inventory cost, forecasts for re-ordering and which sales channels to prioritize based on volume and margin.