Supply Inventory Template & Supply List Template

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Supply Inventory Template


Accurate inventory tracking is essential to supporting the efficiency and productivity needed to deliver streamlined business growth.

Tracking business inventory allows you to avoid two basic issues that can result in a loss of time, money, or customer satisfaction: product surpluses and product deficits. An inventory surplus ties up your cash, and an inventory deficit leads to stress, expedited shipping fees, and lost sales. Maintaining an up-to-date inventory can help prevent problems that keep your business from running smoothly.

Systum’s inventory spreadsheet template is a free download that helps you quickly and easily organize your business inventory tracking in Excel.


This inventory sheet includes: Reorder, Product Name, SKU, Item #, Manufacturer, # in Stock, Value in Stock, Reorder Min Level, Item Reorder Quantity, Item Discontinued.


inventory spreadsheet


Benefits of Using This Supply List Template


Utilize an existing inventory list template that is easy to update and maintain

Ensure accuracy in supply ordering with current, at-a-glance information

Track and view stock levels to assess customer demand

Avoid costs and frustration associated with unexpected out-of-stock alerts

Prevent the space and time cost associated with supply surplus

Manage inventory in Excel without developing an inventory spreadsheet from scratch


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