Product Inventory Template & List Sheet

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Product Inventory List Sheet


As a wholesaler, optimal inventory levels are critical to your success. The ability to efficiently manage inventory impacts everything from cash flow to productivity to overall brand reputation. 

Inaccurate and disorganized product inventory hurts your bottom line. A well-planned inventory list is a key ingredient for streamlined, profitable operations. Although spreadsheets are a simple way to organize inventory lists, developing one that meets the needs of your business can be time-consuming.

Systum has developed a product inventory template and list sheet that is easily customizable as a free download to support your inventory management needs.

This inventory sheet includes: Reorder, Product Name, SKU, Item #, Manufacturer, # in Stock, Value in Stock, Reorder Min Level, Item Reorder Quantity, Item Discontinued.


inventory spreadsheet


Benefits of Using This Product Inventory Sheet


Save time by using an inventory list template

Create a reference sheet of available products

Maintain an easily searchable list of product information

Keep an accurate record to ensure efficiency when ordering

Track customer demand through product availability

Evaluate costs and profit margins on products


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