Sample Inventory Spreadsheet Template


Use this inventory spreadsheet template to keep track of product stock levels, SKUs, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), sell-through percentage, sale price and margins. If you’re ready to automate inventory tracking across every sales channel versus manually updating inventory counts, check out Systum today.




How to Use this Inventory Spreadsheet



For each item in your warehouse, enter the associated SKU, COGS, sell-through percentage, sale price and margin

After each sale, manually reduce the overall stock level to ensure inventory is accurate

When new inventory is brought into your warehouse, add that to your overall stock level for each SKU


Sample Inventory Spreadsheet


inventory spreadsheet


This inventory sheet includes:

* Reorder?
* Product Name
* Item #
* Manufacturer
* # in Stock
* Value in Stock
* Reorder Min Level
* Item Reorder Quantity
* Item Discontinued?

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Benefits of Using This Small Business Inventory Spreadsheet



Maintain accurate stock levels to ensure that every customer order can be fulfilled

View product performance by tracking best sellers and slow movers

Prevent out-of-stock scenarios by ordering inventory when minimum levels are reached

Track your costs and associated margins to determine your most profitable items

Use this inventory log sheet to track and view stock levels



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