Inventory Forecasting Excel Template


Use this inventory forecasting Excel template to ensure that you maintain appropriate stock levels throughout the year. Never run out stock by predicting seasonal rushes or slow periods. If you’re ready to automate inventory forecasting, check out Systum’s inventory management software.



How to Use this Inventory Forecasting Excel Template



Track and predict how well your products really are selling

Determine how long it will take to sell out of existing inventory

Order stock based on delivery availability from vendors depending on minimum inventory levels


Download the Forecasting in Excel Template



inventory forecasting excel template

This inventory sheet includes:

* Reorder?
* Product Name
* Item #
* Manufacturer
* # in Stock
* Value in Stock
* Reorder Min Level
* Item Reorder Quantity
* Item Discontinued?



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Benefits of Demand Forecasting in Excel



Increase customer service ratings by never running out of stock of key items

Reduce product obsolescence by accurately tracking end-of-life stock

Be more prepared to meet the demands of your best customers

Better align cash flow to in-demand products



Looking For A Way To Forecast Sales Based On Prior-year History?


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