Inventory Cycle Count Excel Template


Use this inventory cycle count Excel template to track ongoing cycle counts. Choose your method—whether you use a control group, a random sample or ABC analysis—before you begin the practice of cycle counting. Use that method consistently throughout the year. If you’re ready to automate cycle counts, check out Systum’s inventory and order management software.




How to Use this Inventory Cycle Count Template



Choose and enter consistent data points depending on the method you choose

Repeat the count process if numbers seem in accurate

Pair with inventory control software to make the process easy and error free


Inventory Cycle Count Excel Template



inventory cycle count excel template


This inventory sheet includes:

* Reorder?
* Product Name
* Item #
* Manufacturer
* # in Stock
* Value in Stock
* Reorder Min Level
* Item Reorder Quantity
* Item Discontinued?

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Benefits of Using an Inventory Cycle Count Template



Maintain accurate inventory counts, keeping customers happy when you always deliver

Find inaccuracies and improve warehouse operations otherwise not found

Hold employees accountable while improving customer service



Looking For Help With Inventory Counting?

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