Online Ecommerce Platform

Systum, a Comprehensive Online Ecommerce Platform

An online ecommerce platform is a cloud-based software application that acts as your virtual storefront. A good online ecommerce platform will offer a smooth user experience, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales and profits. Systum is a comprehensive online ecommerce platform designed to be more than a storefront. Systum is designed to be your partner in business.

Systum is an all-in-one online ecommerce platform designed in the cloud. It offers not only a dynamic storefront, but also backend operations like invoicing, marketing, and more. Choosing the right online ecommerce platform is crucial, but why choose a simple storefront when you can choose a comprehensive solution like Systum? 

Systum is your all in one small business management software online. Now it’s possible to replace all of your existing software solutions and choose Systum. There’s no longer any need to purchase, maintain, and update a handful of software solutions. Let Systum do the heavy lifting. You’ll see a reduction in costs and an increase in profits. Systum offers the business intelligence you need to grow your business.

Integrate inventory and order management, marketing, sales, lead generation, wholesale distribution, invoicing and billing, customer service, and more with Systum’s online ecommerce platform. 

With every aspect of your business integrated into one online ecommerce platform, you’ll eliminate data silos. Synchronized data is the key to getting a full 360-degree granular view of your business. Whether you want to know if your marketing efforts are producing results or you want to look into your history with a particular customer, it’s all possible through Systum’s easy-to-use dashboard. Systum organizes your data and shows you what matters when you need it so you don’t have to make best guesses. We put the power to control your business into your hands. 

This full circle view is unique to Systum. Other specialized software solutions can only show you one facet of your business. Systum can show you everything. For example,invoicing software cannot show you a picture of your customer’s buying habits and common complaints. But this kind of information offers you the ability to provide superior customer service. With this kind of data synchronization, you can address issues, improve your products, offer superior customer service, and build real relationships with your customers. Create trust with your customers and turn that trust into repeat business. Systum makes it possible to offer the authenticity that customers today look for in a brand.

Small and medium sized businesses should have access to the same technology that global corporations have. This kind of data synchronization is a secret weapon that enterprise-grade companies have that before now was too cost prohibitive for small businesses. Not anymore with Systum’s unique subscription pricing. Our online ecommerce platform is built in the cloud and available to small businesses on a month-to-month basis. Now you have the same powerful technology that multi-national brands do without the huge price tag. With Systum, you can pay as you grow so no matter what size your business is, you can take advantage of this online ecommerce platform. It’s a low investment, low risk alternative to expensive software you must purchase outright. 

We’ve built a suite of features into Systum’s online ecommerce platform, including:

  • Distribution and e-commerce platform. Build a storefront using our customizabletemplates to promote your brand, show off your products, and convert sales. It’s easy to post and edit products, migrate data, and keep your inventory up to date in real time. 
  • Marketing and sales. With Systum, it is easy to define your marketing goals and track your progress. From optimizing your storefront for SEO/SEM to understanding your Google AdSense data, Systum has you covered. 
  • Inventory and order management. From automated recording to inventory forecasts, Systum makes it easy to keep your products organized and ready for your customers. You can track costs, profits, and more all in one dashboard.
  • Invoicing and billing. Whether you need to create invoices, bills, or quotes, it’s snap.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. With synchronized, real-time data, you have the tools you need to guide your business toward success.
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Whether it’s resolving customer disputes, tracking the lifecycle of a customer, or building relationships, it’s all at the click of a button. 

Systum is your all-in-one online ecommerce platform that integrates the front and back ends to provide a dynamic solution to meet small business needs. Choose a solution built for businesses like yours. Choose Systum.

If you are ready, you can get started with a free trial today. Get in touch.