Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Grow Your Business With Systum's Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Digital marketing in 2018 has changed dramatically the past few years.  Strategies that were effective even 6 months ago may not be yielding the same performance as when they were initially deployed.  Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform allows you to monitor all of your campaigns to give you the ability to continuously fine-tune your marketing efforts and maximize ROI.

Marketing by the Numbers

Systum’s multi channel ecommerce platform platform is able to track every interaction your customer has with every campaign that they are targeted or participate.  You will receive data on every stage of the process as they move from lead to sale.  Marketing budgets make the most direct impact on sales and revenue, so every dollar counts.

Granular data on every campaign and every customer allows you to leverage Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform to create maximum ROI.  Drill down and see which promo codes generated the highest conversion rate.  Track and tweak web ads and email offers over time as you follow performance.  View all of you online channels in one place and make sure they are optimized at all times.

Smart Offers

Effective omnichannel marketing platforms are the brains behind all of those perfectly timed suggestions that consumers see when browsing your site or completing the checkout process.  Sometimes you will hear people describe it as a bit creepy when they see ads for your products they were just browsing all over other sites the next few days.  We call this smart. 

With built in integration, Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform provides you with all the targeting data you need to create timely and effective campaigns that convert.  Deliver promo codes, ads and marketing emails that will be highly relevant to your customer while reinforcing your brand and building a relationship.

Successful SEO/SEM

Maintain marketing activities employing effective SEO/SEM can feel like a moving target.  Every word of content you generate has the potential to put your products and services in front of a new customer.  The best way to determine success is to measure performance in the form of leads, conversions or most importantly, revenue.

Keywords that have been converting reliably for months and months might all the sudden flat line and dry up your pipeline of leads.  Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform keeps you up-to-date with all your campaigns on every channel so you can make strategic shifts in your SEO/SEM strategy in a timely manner.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Some circles of digital marketing professional feel that email marketing has seen its best days.  That simply is not true.  In a loud and busy world of online marketing, your customers inbox may be THE best place to have their undivided attention, even if it is just for a few quiet moments.

The key to making the most of this personal invitation into your customer’s inner circle is to make sure that you are specifically targeting segments of your customers offers that are tailored to their purchase histories and other demographics.  Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform gives you the ability to fully customize campaigns and evaluate results.

Google AdWords

It can seem like it is a bit of a mystery how Google ranks content for relevancy when determining what listings gets those coveted first page spots.  As soon as marketers think they have it figured out, the evil geniuses at Google tweak the algorithms and leave you scrambling for new strategies to regain your position. 

Leveraging Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform and our team of experts will keep you ahead of your competition and get your content to rank high in organic search results.  Developing a strategy to create AdWords campaigns can seem like a daunting task.  Geography spending caps, seasonality and other variables all contribute to the success or failure of your campaigns.

When it comes to digital marketing the only constant is change.  Systum’s omnichannel marketing platform gives you all the updated tools and knowledge to allow your efforts to provide the strongest possible ROI.