Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website

Run a Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website on Systum

In today’s global marketplace your company’s products need as much visibility and exposure to potential customers as possible.  No longer can you just make your goods available on your own branded, ecommerce site and hope prospective buyers happen to find your site across the vast digital landscape.

Systum gives you the power of a multi vendor ecommerce website that will allow you to also sell your wares on the largest global ecommerce platforms on the internet.


The 800-pound gorilla in the marketplace, many retailers view Amazon as the enemy in much the same way Walmart was held in contempt as a small business killer.  By leveraging Systum’s multi vendor ecommerce website your company can utilize Amazon’s might to your advantage.

Building and maintaining your own ecommerce site in conjunction with your other content on your company website is a solid strategy for maintaining control of your brand and the message you convey directly to your loyal customers.  That strategy alone would make your company miss out on the 100 million Amazon Prime members who always check Amazon first for deals and fast shipping on their favorite brands. 


The added benefit of making a multi vendor ecommerce website a vital component of your operation is the ability to pick and choose the marketplaces which of your products will produce the greatest amount of sales.  With the meteoric rise of Amazon over the past few years, many retailers have started to neglect what an effective option eBay can be for certain products.

Some customers will hunt for the best deal anywhere they can find it.  For goods like coffee or batteries it is hard to be the size and scale of Amazon, but for handcrafted goods, unique items, or previous season’s styles, eBay is still a heavy hitter in the global ecommerce marketplace.  The power and flexibility a multi vendor ecommerce website provides will allow you to decide to list a product in all the marketplaces or curate your choices based on other parameters.


There are always upstarts in every sector that look to disrupt big markets and bring new innovations to the industry.  Jet is leveraging the power of pricing algorithms and other artificial intelligence to allow retailers to better position their products more directly in front of their targeted demographics.  Do not be surprised to hear about other upstarts like Jet who will also want a piece of the $350 billion online retail market in the US.

Small and medium-sized businesses need to make sure they have a multi vendor ecommerce website that will allow them to participate in the largest marketplaces in the world as well as take advantage of opportunities to test the waters with emerging marketplaces. 

Utilizing a multi vendor ecommerce website does not to be complicated.  Systum’s single platform solution combines all the software and tools you need to seamlessly connecting all of your ecommerce efforts with your entire operation.