Most Flexible Ecommerce Solution

If You Want The Most Flexible Ecommerce Solution, You Want Systum

2018 has been hailed as the year for digital transformation to make massive impacts for SMBs.  Enterprise strength tools have never been more affordable for a company of any size to implement.  Not all businesses need the same level of technology in every area of their operations.  Systum offers the most flexible ecommerce solution to allow SMBs to quickly and efficiently leverage the right amount of technology in a single, consolidated platform.

Increase Productivity

Many companies find themselves working with as many as 6 different software applications that each require time and attention with little to any integration.  By connecting all your functions in one single interface, Systum provides the most flexible ecommerce solution to allow your valuable employees to complete more meaningful tasks every day. 


This is an area where giving your company a digital makeover will produce huge returns.  From accounting to shipping and marketing, automatically follow-up on invoices, generate inventory re-orders, and send promotional emails to customers.  Implementing the most flexible ecommerce solution available will allow you to choose which aspects of your operation can and should be more automated.  Systum’s platform is designed to save you time and money by increasing each employee’s productivity.

Improve Customer Interactions

The backbone of the most flexible ecommerce solution should be CRM capabilities.  This provides one single, linked record of each customer across every department of your business.  Because employees will have access to all the information they need to fulfill customer requests in a quick and timely manner, your customers will ultimately feel that they are highly valued and develop a more personal relationship with you and your brand. 

Easy Analysis

Just because something is easy does not mean that it cannot make the biggest difference in your ultimate success or failure.  One of the benefits of being a SMB is your ability to remain agile and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves quickly.  Making the right decision will be greatly enhanced by having real-time data and reporting that is generated automatically.  As a part of Systum’s most flexible ecommerce solution, powerful and timely analytics will give you an edge against your competition.


Whether you are a brick-and-mortar, single location operation looking to dip your toe into the ocean of online possibilities or a seasoned ecommerce pro looking to streamline and simplify, Systum makes it easy to get started at the right level using the most flexible and powerful platform in the industry.  Because everything is hosted on the cloud you will never have to buy expensive hardware to move to the next level. 

Make a Quantum Leap

Larger, existing business have been in online retailing for years.  When they seek to improve their business they would be ecstatic about an increase of 5% across the board.  A small or medium-sized business looking to implement the most flexible ecommerce solution for the first time (or the first time in a while) has the potential to create double or triple-digit growth. 

To make sure your organization remains nimble and does not get bogged down trying apply these new technology superpowers, Systum created the easiest and most flexible ecommerce solution to implement. WIth the help of our team of experts you can take advantage of our 14-day “Fast Start” program to make your digital transformation a reality.