Inventory Management System

Systum Takes Your Inventory Management System to The Next Level

When a consumer decides they want or need a product they are looking to fulfill that desire as quickly as possible.  Customer’s expectations as to how fast is fast enough continues to increase.  With Amazon Prime offering 1-2 hour delivery on a large number of products in a growing list of markets, this is a trend that will not be reversing itself anytime in the future.

No matter what size your business is or whether or not you sell exclusively online through your own e-commerce site or offer your products in a range of online marketplaces, Your company needs to have a robust, automated inventory system that can respond to today’s speed of business; Systum’s online inventory management solution delivers powerful tools that will simplify and seamlessly synchronize all of your efforts.

Manage Multi-channel Inventory

The physical and online locations of all the components that need to be connected to your inventory management system can be complex and spread out among multiple physical and cloud-based sites.  Systum’s multi-channel inventory management system allows you to flawlessly monitor, update and synchronize with all of your physical warehouses and e-commerce storefronts in real-time. 

Leveraging this robust inventory management system & inventory KPI will allow you to list all of your inventory on all your sites to maximize revenue with confidence knowing that the system will not allow you to oversell a product.  New drop-shipping features also allow you to only display items from vendors with available inventory.

Inventory Reordering and Forecasting

Besides payroll costs, inventory costs are usually the largest category on a company’s balance sheet.  Maintaining the proper mix of the right products at the right time requires constant monitoring and evaluation.  Systum’s inventory management system allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your inventory department.

Analytics and business intelligence capabilities will allow you to more accurately forecast future inventory needs taking into account current trends and historical sales data.  Automation reduces the amount of manpower required to maintain the steady and timely flow of products.  Set alerts and have purchase orders automatically sent to make sure that you will always be able to complete the sale. 

Maximize Profits

You are ultimately in business for one primary reason: To generate a healthy profit.  To accomplish this you must generate the best possible margins on every product across every channel it is offered.  Systum’s omnichannel inventory management system allows you to track revenue, costs and profits of every product you sell. 

There is an opportunity cost for every dollar in your inventory.  The type of detailed analytics Systum’s inventory management system provides will allow you to prioritize sales of your highest margins products in the highest margin sales channel that delivers the fastest velocity of sales.

Billing and Quotes

Systum’s inventory management system allows you to easily create invoices and quotes that are also updated seamlessly with your accounting software reducing the need for duplicating bookkeeping efforts.  Because all of your activities are connected with all departments, Customer Service and Sales will always be in-the-loop and have access to timely information to enhance customer experience.

Systum provides built-in APIs to industry leading accounting systems such as Sage, Xero and QuickBooks.

Integrated Credit Card Processing and Simple Shipping

Credit card processing is integrated into the Systum platform and allows you to accept payments from all over the world.  Protecting your customer’s personal financial date is paramount to maintain their trust and patronage.  Encryption technologies are continuously updated and tested to insure you and your customer’s data is secure.

Shipping functionality is also fully integrated into Systum’s inventory management system.  Enhanced bin management features allow you to generate pick lists that include bin numbers to expedite the pick and ship process.  Of course all shipping functionality is fully integrated with UPS, FedEx and UPS and automatically maintains and updates order details, shipping rates, tracking numbers and order status in real-time.

Businesses that are seeing their revenues grow understand the importance of leveraging every advantage they can muster to minimize cost and maximize profits.  Systum’s inventory management solution offers powerful tools that enable your organization to run like a fine-tuned machine with ease.

P.S. Still on the fence on whether or not you are ready for an inventory management solution? Check out our printable inventory sheet to experience what is and isn't possible without the investment.