SPS Commerce Integration with Systum

Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler, eCommerce store or retailer, SPS Commerce makes EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) easy. In just a few clicks, set-up EDI through Systum and seamlessly meet customer’s requirements, enabling new large-scale sales opportunities.

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SPS Commerce Integration Benefits

Automate with SPS Commerce and Systum Generate New Sales with SPS Commerce Seamless Integration with SPS Commerce

Remove paper processes and replace with digitized purchase and sales orders

Gain new business with customers that only use EDI

View EDI sales and purchase orders in Systum

Use SPS Commerce's full scope of EDI formats

Enable EDI-based drop shipping as your grow your business

Send sales orders and other documents created in Systum to EDI customers

EDI documents flow straight to the necessary recipient

Gain the ability to sell to thousands of trading partners

Bi-directional support for order receipt and confirmation

Looking for a complete SPS Commerce integration?  Systum is the industry’s first enterprise-grade, affordable business platform that helps you run your entire wholesale, distribution and digital commerce business. Switch to Systum and optimize your operations, unify data and better serve every customer from one dashboard.


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