ShipEngine Integration with Systum

Scale your shipping with Systum’s ShipEngine real-time integration. Ship with over 20 carriers and sync data back to the customer record within Systum. Improve back office functions, unify data for every customer-facing team and give your customers the shipment tracking data they need and love on your site instead of the carrier’s.

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ShipEngine Integration Benefits

Back Office Shipping Improve Customer's Shipping Experience Seamless Integration with Systum

Ship with more than 20 top carriers, including: FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL

Customers can select their ship rate during checkout

Unify data by syncing shipping and order data to the customer record within Systum

Back office can select ship rate during order entry process

Generate tracking numbers and enable customers to monitor shipping status

Your teams log into one platform (Systum) to see shipping and order data

Automatic label creation for your warehouse

Track shipments from desktop or mobile device

No need to send customers to carrier's site; track shipments on your site

Get shipping rates across all connected carriers and choose the most cost-efficient option

Systum generates BOL (Bill Of Lading) for large shipments

Ship with ease, from one interface without logging into ShipEngine

Looking for a complete eCommerce platform that enables you to ship with ShipEngine’s more than 20 carriers? Systum is the industry’s first enterprise-grade, affordable business platform that helps you run your entire  wholesale, distribution and digital commerce business. Switch to Systum and optimize your operations, unify data and better serve every customer from one dashboard.


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