MailChimp Integration with Systum

Power up your email marketing campaigns by integrating Systum with Mailchimp and uncover new sales opportunities.  Use Systum’s behavioral targeting reports or abandoned customer cart reports and eMail those subscribers and customers new deals or discounts.

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MailChimp eCommerce Integration Benefits

Automate with MailChimp and Systum Generate New Sales with MailChimp Seamless Integration with MailChimp

Schedule and automate email campaigns

Send targeted emails to subscribers and customers

Connect MailChimp to your Systum eCommerce store

Automatically email customers that abandon carts

Use MailChimp to review metrics; open rates, click-through rates and deliverability reports

Create targeted customer segments in Systum and feed to your Mailchimp templates

Target different audiences with behavior-focused promotions

Launch new campaigns using customer purchase history

Seamless integration with MailChimp to execute your marketing campaigns

Run automated reports in Systum that feed promotion based campaigns

Create product recommendation emails to keep buyers shopping

Use the power of Systum's MailChimp integration to get recommendations and feedback from customers

Looking for a complete eCommerce Mailchimp integration?  Systum is the industry’s first enterprise-grade, affordable business platform that helps you run your entire wholesale, distribution and digital commerce business. Switch to Systum and optimize your operations, unify data and better serve every customer from one dashboard.


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