Ecommerce Solutions for Wordpress

Systum is the Best Ecommerce Solution for Wordpress

Many small and medium sized businesses utilize Wordpress for their company website.  The undisputed leader in content publishing and managing capabilities, Wordpress also offers 1000s of API plugins that include many with various levels of ecommerce capabilities.  Systum’s platform is compatible with Wordpress and can help you take your existing site the next level. 

Tech Skills Optional

Launching ecommerce solutions for Wordpress utilizing Systum is quick and simple.  All of the heavy lifting regarding SSL, setting up payment gateways, and other technically complex functions are fully integrated as a part of a complete solution that will allow you to be open for business quickly!

Money Management

Running an online business requires a company to pay attention to all revenue down to the exact penny.  This involves proper accounting of shipping costs, collecting and reporting taxes when required and every other aspect of your revenue stream.  Systum’s ecommerce solutions for Wordpress allows you to capture all your activities and functionality on one platform and balance the books across your entire business.

Digital and Physical Products

Many business that utilize Wordpress are also in the business of selling digital products due to its proven content management functions.  Whether you are selling music downloads or ebooks, Systum’s ecommerce solutions for Wordpress will allow you to offer your customers both digital as well as physical products.

Inventory Management

Because Systum’s ecommerce solutions for wordpress is part of a complete, integrated platform, your business will seamless be able to sync all your inventory data 24/7/365 in real-time no matter how many locations or digital storefronts you might have.  Set low inventory alarms and utilize other tools and reporting so your team can manage inventory costs and maximize profits.

Shipping Integration

For businesses selling any physical goods, having the latest shipping capabilities as a part of any ecommerce solutions for Wordpress is a must.  Systum offers full integration with USPS, FedEX, and UPS utilizing ShipStation’s powerful tools and reporting.  Be able to easily track orders and generate detailed reports for every step in the process.

Social Sharing/Selling

A few years ago many companies paid the price by not developing their own website and only created a company Facebook page.  As algorithms on the site evolved, it made it harder for companies to stay in touch with followers.  Social media channels are still a vital part of your outreach to keep your brand and your products top-of-mind with your loyal customers, small businesses just need to make sure all roads lead back to your own site.

Social media has evolved into its own significant sector of the ecommerce landscape.  Systum’s ecommerce solutions for Wordpress are compatible with Facebook stores, buy buttons on Twitter, buyable pins on Pinterest, and can direct customers directly to product pages from Instagram.   Make sure your tribe of fans and followers have every opportunity to learn about and buy your products wherever they may gather online

Systum’s ecommerce solutions for Wordpress will help your small business deploy powerful tools while simplifying and compiling all your business activities and information into one seamlessly connected platform.