Ecommerce Software that Integrates with MailChimp

Systum is Your Best Choice for Ecommerce Software that Integrates with MailChimp

If you are looking for ecommerce software that integrates with MailChimp you probably need it to do a bit more than just send out beautiful and engaging newsletters to your customers.  Systum has created a singular platform that combines all of your current software into one centralized hub to run your entire operation. 

Marketing and Lead Generation

As a complete ecommerce software that integrates with MailChimp, Systum provides you with enterprise-class tools and capabilities to track every interaction with your leads and customers from campaign to invoice.  You will have full command and control of all your marketing efforts and be able to see how each effort performed across all of your online channels.  Know in absolute terms that you are achieving a strong marketing ROI.

Intelligent Upselling

A primary benefit of Systum’s ecommerce software and MailChimp integration is the ability to create targeted upsell campaigns utilizing promo codes, ads, and emails that will resonate with your prospects.  Sometimes retargeting can come across a bit creepy, but if done correctly your customers will be thrilled to get a timely offer for a product they have expressed interest.

Optimize SEO/SEM

Google is constantly tweaking their analytics algorithms used to rank web content.  Not only does our ecommerce software integrate with MailChimp and other best-in-breed applications, but it also allows you to see exactly which campaigns are getting the most traction and generating the most leads and sales.

Segmented Email Marketing

Within your own customer demographics different messages will perform differently within customer groups.  You can target as many segments of your database as needed.  Send out A/B messages to a smaller segment before broadcasting a message to your entire list.  The options are unlimited with Systum’s ecommerce software that integrates with MailChimp.

Get Social

Systum’s powerful platform includes a social media ROI dashboard that can show you the messaging and platforms that are performing.  Social media channels are no longer just to create awareness and drive customers to your website, these are fully monetized selling channels that can significantly impact your bottom line if executed properly. 

Systum’s ecommerce software that integrates with MailChimp and other best-of-breed financial, marketing, social media and e-commerce tools is the only platform your company will need to run your entire operation.  Reach out to us for a demo or for additional information.