Ecommerce Software Companies

Systum is One of the Top Ecommerce Software Companies

There are innumerable ecommerce software companies that offer a wide range of services and solutions.  Identifying the proper platform for your small business that will meet your needs today and grow with your organization as you navigate the fast-moving waters of the ecommerce retailing marketplace can feel like a daunting task. Systum’s single platform solution eliminates the fractured efforts you may be expending by utilizing a number of platforms that do not deliver a complete solution.


Many small and medium-sized business are comprised of teams that can be far-flung in multiple locations.  Technology today allows organizations to be be widely dispersed and not work in the same location on a regular basis and still fully collaborate as effectively as a traditional workplace.  Systum’s cloud-based platform keeps everyone on your team connected everywhere.

Ecommerce software companies were among the first technology providers to fully leverage SaaS only available in the cloud.  This approach means that as tweaks, improvements and advanced features are made to the platform on an iterative basis, all users globally are insured to be using the most advanced and secure version of Systum’s ecommerce software solution each day when they login. 

Robust Analytics and Business Intelligence

Having the right data about your business at the right time can give your business an edge to standout in the hyper-competitive and crowded ecommerce marketplace.  All ecommerce software companies claim to offer analytics and BI capabilities, but Systum’s fully integrated single platform solution offers real-time data across all your business functionality.

Role-based dashboards allow you to decide who needs to see what information to help keep them laser-focused on the task at hand.  Systum’s CEO Dashboard gives your organizations leadership full command and control of every aspect of your business including sales and marketing, billing and accounting as well as inventory.  Drill down to a granular level or take in the 50,000 foot view to make sure you keep your business growing in the right direction.

Simplicity, Speed and Scale

Among ecommerce software companies, Systum simplifies your solution into a single platform that allows you and your team to spend more time and energy on activities that impact the bottom line of your business.  Fully integrated with API capabilities with best-in-class tools to tackle accounting, email marketing, point-of-sale, shipping and online sales platforms including e-Bay and Amazon.

Ecommerce is open for business 24/7/365 and the speed of the marketplace continues to accelerate.  Amongst ecommerce software companies, Systum allows your organization to scale your business quickly and respond to opportunities in the marketplace without having to implement new technology.  Keep your small business agile and lean even as you increase revenues and the expand the reach of your operations.

When evaluating ecommerce software companies, many businesses consider options that require the purchase of expensive licenses and other hardware and technical support costs.  With Systum, you can flex your level of service up or down as your business needs dictate.  Because the platform is entirely in the cloud, you can also be assured that you and your customers’ sensitive personal and financial data will always be protected and available with world-class encryption and back-up redundancies.

No matter the size or complexity of your small or medium-sized business, Systum is uniquely positioned among ecommerce software companies to provide a fully integrated platform that simplifies your efforts while allowing you to leverage the most advanced technology tools available.