Ecommerce Platform for Digital Products

Choose Systum as Your Ecommerce Platform for Digital Products

People shopping for electronic and digital products tend to be more internet-savvy than the average customer and are not afraid to pay a fair price for quality goods from a reputable dealer.  Systum’s ecommerce platform for digital products will allow you to establish a credible presence online that will instill confidence that you and your team are the technology experts they will can rely on again and again.

Single Platform Solution

Many companies today are having to utilize as many as 5-6 different software solutions to manage the fast-moving that is online retail sales today.  Systum has brought all of these components together into one consolidated and connected ecommerce platform for digital products that will save you time and money.

Modern Templates

The most sought after products not only perform well, but incorporate beautiful design aesthetics.  An ecommerce platform for digital products must have an online storefront that highlights the features and design of the items you offer for sale.  Systum has a team of expert designers that have built templates from the ground up with your industry in mind.  Customize your site to reflect your brand and engage your audience.

Instant Global Access

Early adopters of technology and electronics are quick to scour the internet to find the best sites offering their favorite brands.  They are not only searching for the a fair price, they are also looking for expert reviews, advice and information.  Systum’s ecommerce platform for digital products is integrated with global marketplaces including Amazon and eBay to make it easy for your business to be seen by the greatest number of potential buyers.

Powerful Integrations

Behind the scenes of every ecommerce platform for digital products there are numerous tasks and functions that must happen like clockwork to meet your customers expectations.  Systum’s integrated payment gateway will allow you to begin processing global payments with minimal set-up.  We also included API integrations for best-in-class accounting tools like QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero.  Real-time connectivity to USPS, FedEx and UPS will also insure your customers are in the loop on their deliveries. 

Advanced Dropship Capabilities

At Systum we are alway looking to improve our ecommerce platform for digital products.  Many business in this category do not stock every item they offer for sale in their warehouses and rely heavily on dropshipping.  Because the platform is in the cloud, your business will allows be using the latest and greatest version of our software.  Our latest update includes new functionality that automatically detects in real-time if your vendors have specific products available for shipment on their warehouse shelves and automatically displays only the items available for immediate shipment on your online storefronts.


Email marketing, Google AdWords and social media are all marketing opportunities that Systum’s multi channel ecommerce platform for digital products allows you to manage and optimize.  Segment you email lists or track the conversion of certain promo codes and offers.  SMBs that operate primarily in the digital marketplace need to be able to give themselves every competitive edge possible.  Systum makes it simple. 

Dashboard Command and Control

Many online retailers sell their products across many different channels and may operate multiple warehouses or have employees in remote locations.  Because the Systum ecommerce platform for digital products is a complete, integrated platform, everyone on your team can see all the data they need in real-time.  Create custom reports and access detailed dashboards so that every department can maximize their ability to serve your customers.

Companies like Apple pay careful attention to every detail of how their products work, look and feel when in the hands of their loyal customers.  The same is true of their websites and advertising.  WIth Systum’s ecommerce platform for digital products you will also have complete control over your branding and messaging.