Ecommerce Platform for Beauty Companies

If You Sell Beauty Products, You Want an Ecommerce Platform for Beauty Companies

According to the US Department of Commerce the health and beauty industry is a $300 billion industry and one of the fastest growing categories online, experiencing 17% growth to over $28 billion worldwide.  With numbers this big it is no surprise that there is an increased need for an ecommerce platform for beauty companies.  Systum’s fully integrated solution puts all the tools you need in one powerful platform.

Quick Start

If your company is new to the world of ecommerce or giving your technology a digital makeover, Systum’s ecommerce platform for beauty companies makes it fast and easy to make your move.  Our team of experts and mass data import tool will make sure all your product data and other vital information is accurately uploaded and populated.  Be up and selling fast using our 14-day quick start process.


Whether you are starting with a single brand with 5 products or 30 brands with over 500 products plus variants, Systum has built an ecommerce platform for beauty companies that is just your size.  Opportunities in the marketplace present themselves quickly.  Within days you can massively scale your site to take advantage of new markets and products.

Optimize Sales Channels

Systum’s multi channel ecommerce platform for beauty companies contains powerful analytics capabilities that allow your team to see how every product is performing on every outlet that you make it available.  This type of real-time feedback allows you to make in-game decisions to maximize profitability and increase the velocity of sales. 

Marketplace Integrations

The internet is global and never sleeps, so that means that you need an online presence to match.  Systum is fully integrated to Amazon and eBay marketplaces to enable more customers to discover your unique health and beauty offerings.  Our ecommerce platform for beauty companies allows your brand to compete with the big boys of the industry.

Control Your Brand

Your health and beauty brand has a unique story to tell.  For you it is personal. Keep your website the main portal for customers to learn about your story and buy your products.  The Systum ecommerce platform for beauty products allows you to put your products front and center while also allowing you to sell through the global marketplaces of your choice.

B2C and B2B

Many companies in the health and beauty category started small and only sold in brick-and-mortar locations before diving into the digital pool of online sales.  Systum allows you to reach as much of the B2C market as well as develop a robust network of retailers that are proud to carry your products and promote your brand.

Advanced Marketing Capabilities

Billion dollar enterprise companies leverage powerful tools to market and track all manner of customer demographics and habits.  Systum’s ecommerce platform for beauty companies allows any size company to leverage the same advanced technology maximizing conversion opportunities.  Reduce shopping cart abandonment, segment email campaigns with A/B testing, apply updated SEO/SEM strategies and optimize Google Adwords campaigns.

Leverage Social Media Channels

Every ecommerce platform for beauty companies must include robust tools to take advantage of social media channels.  Influencers and health and beauty brands are utilizing the ability to directly sell products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Systum allows you to integrate these function in one powerful site that is always updated with the latest capabilities to maximize social media opportunities.

Keep it Fresh

If you have built your company’s website from scratch anytime in the past 5 years you know it is still an expensive and time-consuming task.  Our talented team or creatives are constantly building new, fresh templates and themes for you to keep your brand’s look on trend.  Systum’s ecommerce platform for beauty companies allows you to quickly and easily implement minor changes or to tackle a complete rebranding with ease.

These are just a handful of the many features and tools your company can use to grow your share of this massive marketplace.  To get the same capabilities many companies are using as many as 6 different tools that have limited connectivity to each other.  Systum’s ecommerce platform for beauty companies reduces that number to just one.