Ecommerce Billing Software

If You Want Ecommerce Billing Software, You Want Systum

Ecommerce billing software has improved dramatically over the past 2 decades.  Computational power has increased exponentially while the cost of technology continues to plummet.  Did you know your smartphone contains more computing power than all the governments of the world combined 30 years ago?  All of these advancements mean that is is easier and more affordable than ever for SMBs to have the same powerful tools as some of the largest companies on the planet.

Tools for B2B or B2C Companies

Whether you are a specialty boutique selling handmade products online or an industrial supplier of HVAC parts, Systum’s ecommerce billing software will give you the ability to efficiently handle all of your billing activities.  Customize invoices and automate follow-up and reminders to keep your vital stream of revenue flowing. 

Maybe your company sells products to both B2B and B2C customers.  Each of these types of billing and invoicing situations requires a nuanced approach to make a positive impression on the customer.  No problem.  If you are using Systum’s ecommerce billing software you will be able to interact effectively and efficiently with any category of customer.

Manage Multiple Marketplaces

With technology allowing local SMBs to extend their reach into the global marketplace, your business needs an ecommerce billing software solution that is up to the task. No longer can you simply rely on local brick and mortar sales or a single storefront online.  Your business needs to find news ways to get all of your products in front of as many customers as possible.

Systum’s ecommerce billing software allows you manage all the billing aspects of your business everywhere you offer products for sale.  With full integration to global marketplaces including eBay and Amazon, You will have capabilities to customize all your billing and invoicing needs in one centralized and complete platform

Accounting API Integrations

Maintaining updated and accurate accounting records is a necessity for SMBs.  While Apple is flush with $10B in cash reserves and has some wiggle room, the average business owner has to make every dollar count.  Systum’s ecommerce billing software will make sure you and your team control your finances down to the penny.

With API integrations to accounting software including QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero, all your accounting activities and data will be seamlessly connected.  This level of integration eliminates unnecessary duplication of manual efforts and maintains greater accuracy by reducing human error. 

Shipping and Credit Card Payments

Another vital element of an all-inclusive ecommerce billing software application is the ability to be able to generate and monitor all shipping activities including the ability to provide real-time tracking information to customers.  Systum connects with USPS, FedEx, and UPS as well as an integrated partnership with ShipStation.

Cash used to be king, but in today’s online marketplace digital payments now rule.  With a completely integrated payment gateway solution, Systum’s ecommerce billing software provides word-class encryption to protect you and your customers sensitive financial and personal data.

Complete CRM

Whether you have 100 customers or 10,000+, having a capable CRM component of an ecommerce billing software product is no longer a luxury.  To nurture and grow every customer relationship opportunity means every member of your team needs access to the complete picture of the relationship with the customer.  Systum allows you to manage and monitor every stage of the process from proposal to invoice to payment.

Detailed Analytics

What gets measured gets done.  If your ecommerce billing software does not provide you with timely, insightful information it will be more difficult to keep the efforts of your organization aligned with you goals.  Systum’s fully integrated platform provides you with customized reporting using real-time data.  Do a 50,000 foot fly-over or drill down to a granular level. 

Make sure your ecommerce billing software is part of a comprehensive system that is seamlessly connected to all of your business functions.  Success in the 24/7/365 world of online retailing demands full command and control of every aspect of your operation.  Systum simplifies all your vital activities in one platform allowing you and your team move your organization forward more quickly.

P.S. Speaking of creating an interconnected system, did you know that Systum has a SPS Commerce integration that makes EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) easy?