Easy to Use Ecommerce Website Builder

If You Want an Easy to Use Ecommerce Website Builder, You Want Systum 

Whether your brick and mortar business is looking to get online for the first time or if you aspire to become the next Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame, you need an easy to use ecommerce website builder to make your vision a reality.  Systum provides all the tools you need fully integrated in one simple, yet powerful platform. 

Just a few short years ago you either had to know HTML or hire someone who did just to build a very basic informational website.  It is now possible to sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and have a clean, modern website with full ecommerce capabilities up and running in no time.  Systum streamlines all the software you could possibly need in one place and makes it simple to deploy.

Industry-specific Templates

Not many small businesses have the luxury of a graphic designer or UI/UX expert on staff.  Our team of creatives at Systum have built an ever-growing selection of templates that will make your products pop of the page.  Once you choose a theme you can customize color schemes, fonts and other options to make your site the perfect reflection of how you want your customers to view your business. 

Import Existing Inventory

If you have been in business for a while you may have a large volume of inventory that will need to be imported into the Systum platform.  Again, our team of technical experts have made an easy to use ecommerce website builder that can accurately complete a mass import of all your inventory information.  Items will now be easily made viewable on your new online storefront or connected directly to the largest marketplaces in the world such as as Amazon and eBay utilizing our built-in integrations.

POS is Included

Any easy to use ecommerce website builder should include a robust Point-of-Sale (POS) system as well.  With Systum’s fully integrated platform you will no longer have to piece-meal together multiple systems that do not fully communicate with one another.  Our POS system also fully syncs all activities between your online store and any brick-and-mortar locations.  With all elements integrated in one place, your company will also be able to track individual customer purchase habits and develop targeted marketing campaigns to drive repeat business.

Reporting and Analytics

Just because a solution is simple that does not mean that it is not powerful. Running a small business can be complicated enough, so why make things harder than they need to be.  Systum’s easy to use ecommerce website builder is just one of the components of the platform that captures all of your activities and data in one ecosystem. The velocity of business continues to increase, especially online.  Systum combines easy navigation with powerful role-based dashboards to give your team timely information. This allows a business owner to have a complete, 360-degree of their business in real-time.

Almost 50% of all small businesses operating in the US do not have a website.  Of those that do, even fewer maintain current information on their site or have a fully integrated ecommerce solution.  By leveraging Systum’s easy to use ecommerce website builder you will give your business a significant advantage over other similar companies in your category and stand out in the crowd!