Easiest Ecommerce Platform

Systum is the Easiest Ecommerce Platform to Use

Choosing the easiest ecommerce platform is one way to set your business up for success. Overt complexity leads to frustration and mistakes so simplifying your virtual storefront and backend software can make all the difference.

Systum is the easiest ecommerce platform built on the cloud because it is pre-integrated for simplicity. Instead of wrangling half a dozen different software solutions to meet all of your unique small business needs, Systum is a single solution that encompasses front and back end management. It has APIs for integration with the best of breed tools, like finance and accounting packages, bulk email services, point-of-sale solutions, and major online sales platforms like eBay and Amazon. 

Because of this pre-integration design, Systum is fast to customize and deploy. Systum is built on a subscription pay-as-you-grow plan, which means that you’re only paying for what you need but it can grow with you as you scale. You don’t need to worry about gambling on a software that might work, because Systum is a low investment, low risk choice. Systum is ready to go in days or weeks instead of months so you can see the return on investment faster. 

Since Systum is cloud based, you can access it anywhere and any time as long as you have an Internet connection. With world-class security and a robust backup program, you can rest easy that your businesses most valuable data is safe with us. Because Systum is a cloud-based software solution made to be the easiest multi channel ecommerce platform, you have the scalability you need to accelerate your business’s growth at lightning fast speeds without increasing complexity. 

In fact, Systum speeds up your business by taking on the complexity and setting your business up for rapid growth. 

Within this, you also have access to powerful data analytics and business intelligence. Your data is captured and sorted into simple, role-based dashboards to make Systum the easiest ecommerce platform to apply and use your data. Everyone in the organization has a 360-degree view of your data – the big picture. Data is updated in real time which means that everyone is on the same page at all times. Your team can come together through collective use of your data in a way that is simply not possible with multiple software solutions creating data silos. 

Systum delivers as the easiest ecommerce platform available on the market today. Systum’s mission is to deliver an operating platform built specifically for small to medium businesses to address your unique needs. Furthermore, it’s our goal to ensure that ever-expanding complexity in the form of growing sales stays management and simple for our clients. 

We want to replace your suite of software solutions to become the comprehensive, all-in-one solution that you look to for business growth and customer satisfaction. Systum can take you from marketing to inventory to sales with the single click of a button. While it’s capacity for bringing change and success to your business is nearly limitless, Systumremains user friendly and fast to adopt. 

That’s because we understand business needs, especially small business needs. We believe that small businesses deserve the same access to business intelligence, data analytics, and full circle visibility that the largest multi-national retailers have. Systummakes it possible. 

Systum is the easiest ecommerce platform that encompasses the following features:

  • Distribution and e-commerce platform. Your online storefront is often your first impression for new customers. Make it a memorable one with one of our pre-built templates that makes it easy to add and edit products, keep inventory up to date, all from a single dashboard.
  • Marketing and sales. Marketing is the bread and butter of customer acquisition and Systum makes it easier to see the returns on your marketing campaigns. What works and doesn’t work with your pool of customers? Demystify marketing, track ROI, optimize for SEO/SEM, and more. 
  • Inventory and order management. Leverage automated reordering, inventory forecasts, track revenue and costs, and even integrate with your shipping solutions.
  • Invoicing and billing. Invoices, bills, and quotes are fast and easy to whip up in Systum.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Systum is not only a virtual storefront or an inventory management tool. At its core, Systum is a powerful partner in business offering business intelligence and data analytics capabilities.
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Delight your customers with the data you need to create real, lasting relationships and lifelong repeat business.

Are you ready to get started? We’re so convinced you’ll love the easiest ecommerce platform on the market, that we’re offering Systum to you in a no-strings free trial. Get started today.