Customizable Ecommerce Platform

Systum is Not Like Any Other Ecommerce Platform, Systum is a Customizable Ecommerce Platform

Every business in every product category is unique in many ways.  Online retailers in today’s complex and fast-moving digital landscape need a customizable ecommerce platform that can be bent and shaped to your will to meet your exact needs.  Systum not only makes this possible, but it also does so by greatly simplifying the number of software tools your organization use while increasing your productivity.

Built for SMBs

Many of the technology tools that SMBs try to leverage were created with enterprise companies in mind.  Systum’s customizable ecommerce platform was built from the ground up with small and medium-sized business in mind.  Leverage the same technology as the titans of the industry but on a scale that fits your operation to a tee.

Affordable and Flexible

Just a few years ago having a custom website, let alone a complete set of customizable tools meant you were making a big bet on a software purchase or paying large sums of money for a custom build from scratch with a long runway to get the project off the ground.  With Systum’s customizable ecommerce platform you can jump in at the level that suits your needs and your budget.  Feel free to scale up or down as business dictates.


We don’t just give you the superpower of one action hero.  Our powerful array of business tools will make you Spiderman, Batman and Superman all disguised in plain sight as your local, friendly neighborhood online merchant.  From insightful business analytics and reporting, to role-based dashboards, Systum’s multi channel ecommerce platform will give you all the technology strength you need to compete against the evil empires online.


There are plenty of studies that show what is appealing to the human eye and stimulates and influences the brain.  Our team of talented designers have created a multitude of templates with layouts that maximize optimal whitespace and other important factors that will make your website stand out and allow your products to pop off the page.  You can choose color themes and fonts as well as add/delete page elements with Systum’s customizable ecommerce platform.


Systum’s single platform solution comes complete with API integrations to global marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.  Shipping your products will happen swiftly and easily with real-time connections to UPS, FedEx and USPS.  We have also added a parternship with ShipStation to give you even greater command and control of your shipping logistics.  Best-in-class accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero also have API integration to make sure you keep track of every penny.

Sales and Marketing Prowess

Underlying Systum’s entire customizable ecommerce platform is a world-class CRM capability.  This allows your company to connect all activities associated with a customer to a single record that is updated in real-time that follows them during their entire customer journey and can be accessed by all department.  Segment your email lists in an innumerable number of campaigns with A/B testing to max out sales while only delivering relevant content to your customer.  View and track your entire sales funnel from beginning to end as well as monitor and manage all of your marketing efforts across the entire digital landscape.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the number of ways your company can leverage Systum’s customizable ecommerce platform to help take their business to the next level.