CRM Software for Small Businesses

Systum offers more than an e-commerce solution, it offers CRM Software for Small Businesses.

Enterprises have been leveraging CRM software effectively for years.  Many small businesses thought advanced tools utilized by multinational, billion dollar companies were out of their league and price range.  The CRM component of the Systum platform makes advanced CRM capabilities accessible and affordable for any small business.

In the marketplace today, your customers have many options and every touch point with your organization is vital.  The CRM functionality on the Systum platform is the backbone of your entire operation.  Many companies today are using as many as 6 different cloud-based systems to handle a range of tasks and functions and are siloed with limited interconnectivity.  Our CRM capabilities allow every department and every role in a small business to see all the necessary information about your customer in real-time.

Sales Management

Systum offers a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing sales and marketing efforts across the entire organization.  Assign sales tasks and prospects, and establish KPI scorecards. Manage all your leads and customers in one place, tracking deals, sales and forecasts.  Powerful CRM tools maximize every opportunity to help your small business grow.


See invoices, bills and quotes, and view purchase orders.  Leveraging CRM functionality, your accounting team can see all the current activities and interactions with your customer and coordinate with sales and customer service to insure that issues can be resolved proactively.

Customer Service

Problems are opportunities to show your customer how great you are at taking care of them.  Systum’s CRM software ensures that your customer service team has a global view of the customer and can collaborate with other departments in a timely fashion to generate positive outcomes.  Customers expect small businesses to provide them with this kind of personalized service.

Real-Time Analytics

Systum’s analytics and business intelligence enable everyone in your organization to see the big picture in real-time. CRM functionality captures all the pertinent data and actions to allow this in-depth analysis to take place.  These types of insights give your business an edge in a competitive marketplace.

CEO Dashboard

As a business owner you need complete command and control.  Systum’s CRM capabilities allow business leaders to drill down all the way to the customer level and see all of their financial activities and the entire history of interactions they have had with your organization.  Understand and remain connected to your most important asset — the customer.

Systum’s cloud-based solution combines e-commerce tools and CRM software for small businesses in one simple, yet powerful platform that eliminates the need to employ separate, unconnected software.