Cloud-based Ecommerce Platform

Systum is the Number One Cloud-based Ecommerce Platform

Over the last decade, Software as a Service (SaaS) has almost completely displaced on premise solutions and increased the speed of innovation in the industry.  Systum’s cloud-based ecommerce platform is a perfect example of the continued evolution of SaaS.  If your organization is still relying on software installs and updates here are some benefits and capabilities your business is missing out on!

Low-cost entry point

A cloud-based ecommerce platform such as Systum has a low entry price point.  A solopreneur who only needs to have one active logon account and a relatively low number of SKUs to list in their store can recoup their monthly cost of a subscription by bringing in just a few additional sales. 

Flexible and Scalable

Another benefit of a cloud-based ecommerce platform is the ability to change the number of active user accounts that you are paying for at any time as your business ebbs and flows or as your team shrinks or grows.  Systum also provides small businesses with the same flexibility to rapidly scale your business online as you add new vendors and offer more products across a number of marketplaces.

Always Updated

When your team logs into Systum’s multi channel ecommerce platform they will always be working with the latest and greatest enhancements and updated bug fixes.  There is no need to install or re-install software on your computers or laptops.  Ever.  If you have an active internet connection then you are still in business with the latest version of our platform at your fingertips.

Low Hardware/Support Costs

The only technical requirements for any hardware for a cloud-based ecommerce platform would be to make sure that your team is using an updated version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.  There is no need for expensive computers with intense computing power or massive amounts of storage.  Your business has more important work to do than trying to troubleshoot hardware and old software.  All the support you need is included in Systum’s pricing by our team of technical experts. 

Real-time Data Everywhere

Because Systum’s cloud-based ecommerce platform stores all your data remotely, everyone in your company is always on the same page and working off the exact same information.  No matter how many locations you have or if you have team members who work remotely or from home, anyone in your company will always have the access they need with just an internet connection and access to an updated web-browser.

Mobile/Pad Capabilities

Many companies have been able to even further reduce their need for hardware by utilizing tablets or iPads instead of a bulky computer terminal and full-size monitor.  Because Systum’s cloud-based ecommerce platform is fully mobile-optimized you can even grab your phone if needed to monitor activities or process orders at an off-site event.

Business Continuity/Disaster Preparedness

Utilizing a cloud-based ecommerce platform will also give your business peace of mind in the event of a theft or any other type of loss of equipment at any of your physical locations.  Accidents happen.  Sometimes they are not on the scale of a hurricane, but an employee losing a laptop with critical company data could be devastating.  Systum backs up your company data across multiple, geographic diverse server locations to insure your company’s invaluable information is always safe and secure.

Costs of utilizing  a cloud-based ecommerce platform continue to drop while the capabilities and tools continue to get more powerful and sophisticated.  This has allowed local, small business with just a handful of employees deploy the same suite of tools to grow their business as a $1 billion enterprise.  Systum delivers all these capabilities in one simple, seamless platform.