Supporting same-day order delivery.

Customer expectations keep increasing at a rapid pace - no matter what industry you're in. For McDonnell Genome, they were trying to meet these customer demands using a decade-old inventory management system. This system got in their way of being able to fulfill orders quickly, and it was major impediment to opening any additional channels to meet increases in demand.


The right platform opens up opportunities.

By moving to Systum, McDonnell Genome was able to deliver an improved level of service to their customers. 





The efficiencies that Systum brought allowed staff to handle a higher volume of orders at a faster pace. With a real-time view of inventory levels and location, they were able to fulfill urgent orders for high-demand items.

McDonnell Genome enjoyed a bonus benefit as well. By combining the new inventory management capabilities with Systum's B2B eCommerce solutions, they were able to open and manage multiple web stores through one single platform. The new channels helped them meet demand and increase the flow of product.



Systum Delivers


Improved ability to meet customer demands.

Easy to add items quickly to e-commerce store.

Less employee time spent entering and re-entering order information.



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Systum powers your entire wholesale distribution business by providing you with the insights needed to sell more to happy customers.

  • Connect your inventory management, order tracking, and customer data all in one simple platform that links directly with QuickBooks.
  • Provide the seamless digital experience that brings customers back again and again.
  • Harness the power of data and business intelligence to get real-time insights on your customers and inventory.