Selling in Multiple Channels Made Easy!

A-Z sells directly to their clients through their online store as well as through their retail location and field sales channel. Owner Joe Riccardi was looking for a new platform that gave him a clear view of inventory, had the ability to support multiple channels, and provided smart insights for inventory planning. He also needed a simple intergration with QuickBooks and ShipStation.

With over 6,000 SKUs in his inventory, this was no small order.


A-Z Safety Supply enjoys functionality usually reserved for mega corporations.





Company owner Joe Ricciardi chose Systum for its ability to help him serve multiple channels as well as streamline his operations and customer service. The best-in-class integrations offered by Systum helped to unify data within the platform’s built-in CRM. Now, Ricciardi needs to search only Systum for the data he needs to best serve and support his customers.

Systum’s built-in CMS also makes it easy to add new products to their custom-branded website. The CMS also makes it easy to manage the 6,000+ SKUs Ricciardi offers to his in-store and online customers.



Systum Delivers

Real-time view of all inventory levels.

Easy to add items quickly to e-commerce store.

Instant sales reports and inventory projections.



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Systum powers your entire wholesale distribution business by providing you with the insights needed to sell more to happy customers.

  • Connect your inventory management, order tracking, and customer data all in one simple platform that links directly with QuickBooks.
  • Provide the seamless digital experience that brings customers back again and again.
  • Harness the power of data and business intelligence to get real-time insights on your customers and inventory.