Why Connecting Quickbooks to Your Systum Instance is a Game Changer


Your CRM should be the holy grail of information when it comes to customer data. On the finance side, many successful founders, owners and CEOs today use Quickbooks for it’s easy-to-use accounting, invoicing and finance features.


Why is Quickbooks such a common choice today amongst companies of practically every kind? It’s a solid, affordable cloud-based solution that integrates with many other SaaS applications, making business finance easy even for a novice. And you can still use it as your business grows. Some businesses even use it as their inventory management software.


Quickbooks for businesses today is very much like TurboTax for consumers. It does require some time and minor finance knowledge, but it’s fairly easy to learn or pick up. The software itself will act as your guide to help you get started.


If using Quickbooks gets too complicated for owners once their business has grown substantially, you can hire a Quickbooks consultant, give them access to your instance, and get instant help with managing your accounts payable, finances and annual taxes.

If you’re already using Quickbooks, there’s no need to sell you on its ease of use for businesses of any size. But, what we can educate you about today is how powerful the combination of Systum and Quickbooks is, especially for wholesale distributors and a wide variety of small businesses.


4 Ways Systum Integrates with Quickbooks

  1. Within Systum, you can sync products, customers, invoices, sales receipts and returns to Quickbooks. This eliminates the need for dual entry of data, removing the chance for human error and saving your employees time.
  2. Mark an invoice as paid within Systum and it is reflected as such within your Quickbooks account. This information is recorded at the customer account level within Systum, so that the customer can utilize a credit limit as quickly as possible within your eCommerce or B2B buyer portal.
  3. If you update a billing address in Systum, it is automatically reflected on that customer’s profile within Quickbooks. The auto-update saves time by eliminating the need for dual entry and for customers that place round-the-clock orders, it will bill and ship to the most updated address.
  4. Quickbooks financial data feeds back into Systum, giving your finance team the ability to run additional reporting as it relates to customers, products and your business.


If you’d like to see a live demo of the Quickbooks integration within Systum, fill out the form below or check out our QuickBooks inventory management software page. We’ll outline how it has helped our customers solve their finance and account payable woes with just a few clicks to get it all set up.


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