View Real-Time Shipping Rates Across Multiple Carriers with ShipStation and Systum


Today’s modern eCommerce companies, no matter their volume or inventory turns, need agile technology to provide a superior customer experience, which is almost as important as the product you’re selling, especially due to our highly competitive marketplace.

This is why Systum, the leading wholesale inventory management software platform for small to medium-sized businesses, is pleased to announce a full integration with ShipStation. By combining Systum with Shipstation, eCommerce retailers and wholesale distributors get a 360 degree view of their business, customers and analytics from one platform while removing the need for a multitude of expensive plugins.


Systum enables businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a growing eCommerce retailer that utilizes only drop shipping or you’re a B2B wholesale distributor, to access enterprise features, like real-time shipping rates and global address validation, without the costly price tag. It also provides a single operating platform to view every aspect of your multi-channel business for a wide variety of roles using the system.


By integrating with ShipStation’s API, ShipEngine, Systum enables:

  • Worldwide Major Carrier Support: Over 20 integrations with top carriers around the globe   

  • Quick Carrier Rate Access: Choose the best service for your shipments based on rate, delivery time frame, package dimensions, and more

  • Real-Time Tracking: Easily integrate real-time shipment tracking information into an app, email, or text message

  • Shipping Discounts: Save up to 40% on USPS postage and up to 29% on FedEx, as well as the ability to include negotiated carrier rates

  • Global Address Validation: Avoid shipping delays and surcharges when shipping in the U.S. or internationally with free global address validation

  • International Shipping Optimization: Save time by automating signing and sending of customs forms and labels

  • Branded Customer Experience: Partners can tailor the ShipEngine™ experience to their brand within a custom-built application, including shipping labels, return labels and a branded customer return portal


When you combine the shipping and logistics capabilities that are made possible through ShipStation with Systum, small to medium-sized businesses not only reduce operating costs but optimize business processes and analytics.


Because Systum acts as your CRM as well as your marketing automation, inventory management, customer support and billing tools, it removes the need for multiple, expensive software tools that silo data.


To see this ShipEngine integration in action (and learn how this combination can dramatically change how you run your business) schedule a demo here.



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