Use Customer Data to Cater to Buyer Needs


Becoming World-Class Means Becoming Customer-Centric

It’s no secret that B2B ecommerce is moving more quickly as customer expectations keep increasing. This is especially true when it comes to the demand for intuitive merchandising and instant delivery.


We often hear industry experts tell us that we can achieve Amazon-level service if we are “customer-centric.” Many interpret customer-centricity to mean that you should put the customer at the center of your business and provide amazing service. Frankly, anyone can claim to provide amazing service. We see that claim made by every type of business, from chiropractors to car sales.


What if I told you, customer-centricity isn’t the same as customer service. Customer-centricity isn’t even about the customer. It’s about the customer record. When your business is organized around the customer record, you have a single source of truth that tracks both orders and product shipments, and also the customer's behaviors. All of which give you a better view of your sales channels and your customer's needs.


B2B CMOs are harnessing customer data in a number of ways. A recent article by eMarketer provides insights on how your business can harness the power hidden within your customer data. To read the article click here.

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