The Currency of Supply Chain is Data


The title of this article written by Kassidy Bird hits the nail on the head. Data IS the new currency. In order to compete in B2B eCommerce, companies need to be able to track customer behavior in real-time and use that information to forecast future demand and inventory levels. It's that kind of information that helps firms sell more to happier customers.

Our friends at Supply Chain Brief posted Kassidy's article. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

It's easier than you may think to track, collect and use key data. The Systum platform connects all the key business processes together: inventory management, distribution, shipping, CRM, and accounting. Because of this, our clients have a real-time view of exactly what is happening with their customers, their orders, and their inventory. This affordable solution gives them the business insights they need to compete with mega corporations like Amazon and their mammoth IT budgets.


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