Systum Releases New Features for Omnichannel Retailers in Latest Release 18-06



Systum, a provider of a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced multiple new features that help omnichannel retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience.


An Enhanced Return Experience


Because today’s consumer wants to return a product how they prefer, regardless whether it was made in store or online, our newest features support efforts to make it easy for the retailer and the consumer or B2B buyer.


Our POS application now makes it possible to enable retailers to accept returns and provide an immediate refund when customers wish to return products to your brick and mortar locations. For B2B companies, drive the refund process from the back office with finance controls that help ensure criteria are met before a return can be accepted.


Now, your customers can also request you place an order on their behalf from within your store in the event you don’t have the product in stock.  You can ship the product to their home or the store for pick up. This ensures you never miss a sale even if you are out of stock in store.


A Wider Range of Payment Options


For B2B customers, it’s now easier to give customers the option to place an order online and be invoiced for that purchase, no credit card required.  Because we’ve enabled credit limits, customers can purchase up to their pre-approved limit without needing assistance from customer service.


For B2B multi-channel customers, customers can visit retail locations and choose whether they are invoiced or pay via cash or credit card.  By enabling every payment option, your customers can order online or purchase in store when it’s most convenient for them and get the products they need when it’s most important.


MSRP and MAP Controls to Protect Your Brand


Finance can lock price controls such as MSRP and MAP in order to protect unapproved changes being made by other users or sales leaders.  This ensures that price changes are made only by approved users.


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