Systum Delivers New Enterprise-class Inventory Management Features to the SMB



PLANO, TX - April 13, 2018 - Systum, a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses, announced today the release of its latest product update 18-04, which provides advanced inventory and order management features.

Key Features

  • Purchase Orders
  • Receive Purchase Order to replenish stock
  • Added Finance role for Purchase Order approval
  • Warehouse BIN location
  • Warehouse Inventory Report by Bin locations
  • Warehouse LOT management and fulfillment
  • Generate DropShip Purchase Order
  • Mark items as Dropship in Current Inventory
  • Fulfill Sales Order with Pick - Pack – Ship
  • Multi package Shipment during Pick - Pack - Ship
  • Bill of Materials
  • Copy of Sales Order

Systum’s 18-04 release provides real-time, omni-channel inventory management software features for multiple channels of sale by ensuring that business or consumer customers buy products that are in stock at any given time. 18-04 Release update improves small and medium businesses ability to exceed customer’s expectations.

These enhancements reduce the need for software add-ons or plugins to help eCommerce and wholesale distributors view real-time inventory in all channels of their business. By automating order management processes and order fulfillment, business owners can focus on the strategic elements of their business, instead of logistics.

  • Drop Shipping - Market and sell products in your eCommerce store only if inventory is available from vendor
  • Purchase Order Process Enhancements - Automatically generate and send purchase orders to suppliers when inventory is low
  • Bin Management - Generate pick lists with bin numbers to speed up pick and ship
  • Advanced Pick, Pack, and Ship - Generate pick lists with bin numbers to speed up pick and ship
  • Lot Managed Inventory Fulfilment - Market, sell and track inventory of lot and individual SKUs
  • Order Management - Automate PO generation when supplier inventory is low

About Systum

Systum is a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses that reduces operating costs and scales for rapid growth. Systum replaces all existing software used to engage and support customers — marketing, CRM, salesforce automation, digital commerce, inventory management and quote and billing functions — and replaces it with a single, low-cost SaaS application built on one database. Systum’s next generation omni-channel business platform provides focused marketing, fast, precise operations control, a 360° view of the customer, and real-time analytics, business intelligence and reporting from any device from anywhere, anytime. For more information, visit

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