Systum Features in Release 18-07


Systum, a provider of a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced multiple new features that help B2B and B2C online retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Advanced Returns Management


For B2B and B2C retailers, returns management can be a challenge and time consuming. By utilizing rules and workflows, returns can be automatically quarantined, inspected and if undamaged, promptly listed as available for resale in inventory.  


This enables you to ensure that every step of your return process is tracked and your customer is credited a refund in a timely manner. In addition, a returns widget in your Systum dashboard allows you to see the a complete view of your total returns and associated financial impact.


Set Credit Limits on the Account Level to Enable Self Service Ordering


Now, administrators can set a credit ceiling on the account level, so B2B buyers can submit orders until their pre-approved limit is reached.  


This enables B2B companies to allow their enterprise customers to place their own orders rather than calling in to customer service to find out if items are in stock and if there’s available credit to make that purchase. Now, your customers can use grid order management to place large orders and view their available credit before doing so.


Custom Fields and Reports Enable You to Excel at Customer Support


Because every business unique and the standard fields we provide may not perfectly help you track each customer support ticket, we’ve made it possible for you to add custom fields on your support cases.  


If there’s a unique identifier that you need to track to better serve your customers, now you can add a custom support field to your support tickets. As a result, you’ll be able to track and use this field when running related reports on support cases.


If you have any questions on these updates or would like to see them in action live within a brief demo, reach out to us here.


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    Good, gives a guy a turnaround and re-read the article and gets me thinking why not. I will look at this further.

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