Systum Announces Advanced Inventory and Order Management Features in Release 18-05



PLANO, TX - April 17, 2018 - Systum, a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses, announced today the release of its latest product update 18-05, which provides enterprise-level inventory and order management features for B2B and B2C customers.


These enhancements reduce the need for multiple software add-ons or plugins to help eCommerce and wholesale distributors manage their entire business from one platform. By automating these functions, business owners can focus on the strategic elements of their business, instead of logistics.


The 18-05 release improves small and medium businesses’ ability to exceed customer’s expectations with the following advanced features:


For B2B Customers


  • Set customer-specific credit limits with automated order shut off when limit is reached

  • Customer-specific price levels that provide automated pricing when customer transacts within your Systum instance

  • Grid order management for bulk orders makes it easy to view item name, location, available quantity and price in one screen when placing orders

  • Customizable fields on the opportunity, quote, sales order and invoice level, which also enables customized reporting for your business


For B2B and B2C Customers


  • Sales order tracking software makes it easy to manage subscriptions, scheduled orders and deliveries as well as planned, repetitive sales

  • Reorder functionality makes repeat orders easy for your staff and customers

  • Base currency support, enabling Systum to work in a different currency

  • Support for supplier inventory warehouse by selling only what you have and what your suppliers have in stock - deliver either by drop shipping direct or order-in for redistribution

  • Auto generate lot and barcode levels for increased efficiency in your warehouse

  • Enhancements to refunds and returns process, including quarantine for returns, restocking and only available for resale under certain conditions


About Systum

Systum is a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses that reduces operating costs and scales for rapid growth. Systum replaces all existing software used to engage and support customers — marketing, CRM, salesforce automation, digital commerce, inventory management and quote and billing functions — and replaces it with a single, low-cost SaaS application built on one database. Systum’s next generation omni-channel business platform provides focused marketing, fast, precise operations control, a 360° view of the customer, and real-time analytics, business intelligence and reporting from any device from anywhere, anytime. For more information, visit

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