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There’s a reason you see so many videos when browsing different online platforms. People are more likely to engage with an appealing video ad than any other type. That’s why more than 87% of large and small businesses include videos in their online multimedia content.

Video ads on social media sites generate 1200% more shares than regular text and image ads. Sounds great, right? So how do you go about bringing videos into your own marketing strategy?


Making Your Video

Design your video around what your customer needs. Avoid using a direct sales pitch. Try coming up with a story that shows people how your product or service will improve their lives. Even better, put satisfied customers in front of the camera to talk about their experiences.


You can film them yourself or use a professional video service for a more polished product. Another option for those on a limited budget is using an online video template.

Video Template Platforms

Animoto Shakr Wideo

Make your videos as short as possible to hold people’s attention. Remember to include some sort of call to action that lets people know how to get your products or services. Finally, make sure your videos adapt to smaller mobile devices, which is how most people watch.


Optimizing Your Video for Views

Most social media platforms make it easy to upload and share videos for ads. Keep these tips in mind when placing videos on any platform:

  1. Upload videos directly to the platform instead of embedding from another source.

  2. Include a thumbnail image that catches the attention of anyone browsing.

  3. Use captions to draw the eye and let users know what’s going on even without sound.

  4. Get to the point, quickly, ideally in the first three seconds.

  5. Direct your ads to specific audiences to increase engagement.

Before you invest a lot of money in one particular ad, check the video stats on your platform. Most will tell you how many people watched the entire ad, how many abandoned it before the end, and what percentage ended with a real interaction.

Popular Platforms for Video Advertising

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Instagram

YouTube and AdWords

Another good strategy for getting your videos in front of potential customers is investing in an AdWords campaign. This gets your YouTube videos higher in Google search results. It also places your videos in result streams from YouTube searches. You can target your ads towards specific channels, life events, or locations.

Adding videos to your marketing strategy helps engage customers and get your brand out to a wider audience. Use videos to breathe new life into your digital advertising campaign.



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