Release 19-05: Enhanced Reporting, Improved PO Format and Website Access Options


In this release, you’ll find enhancements that improve reporting, the purchase order format and your ability to display specific eCommerce website content to prospects and customers.


As a wholesale distributor that utilizes various price levels, your ability to restrict access to factors like pricing will help protect your relationship with all of your customers.


In some cases, you may only want to allow prospects to view products, not pricing, until they’ve signed on as a customer. There are three levels of access you can provide based on your needs.


On the reporting side, you can now utilize the custom fields you’ve created in Systum when creating new reports. This will allow you to monitor and analyze the data points that matter to your business.



In addition to these enhancements, we’ve also improved the PO (Purchase Order) format and added the ability for you to assign payment processors to a specific store.


If you’d like a demo of these new features and more, reach out to us below.


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